The Book Culture Department manages collections of book production related items such as original book illustrations and graphics, original printing blocks, typographic stuff, ex libris and archival materials connected to book culture and publishing bussiness. The department also administers specialized collections of holy pictures, chapbooks and a collection of Czech National Revival book collection, bibliophile book editions and original art bookbinding.

The first collections, upon which the department was founded, were items from publishers' estates, which the National Museum Library acquired together with book collections.

Gradually the department also acquired other book related items, for which there had been no specific or systematic place until then, such as chapbooks and broadside ballads, ex libris, original illustrations and graphics, printing blocks, posters, or a collection of printed holy pictures.

The collections are replenished by new acquisitions of both historical and contemporary items so that the department has a integrated picture of the development of book culture in the Czech Republic, including modern developments in the field of book production.

The department's collections are regularly shown at exhibitions and other cultural activities, and are enthusiastically received by the public. The department's collections are also available to researchers via arrangement with the curators.

Book Culture

The collection of documents on the development of book culture contains mostly non-literary material…

Staff of the department

Head of The Book Culture Department, Deputy Director, Curator
E-mail: Tel.: 224 497 333
Curator of Illustration, Printing blocks and plates, Deputy head of The department
E-mail: Tel.: 224 497 336
Curator of Shop-keeper's songs, Deputy head of The department
E-mail: Tel.: 224 497 332
Curator of Shop-keeper's songs and Prayers
E-mail: Tel.: 224 497 331
Curator of Shop-keeper's songs and Prayers
E-mail: Tel.: 224 497 331
Curator of Ex libris, Bibliophilia and Posters
E-mail: Tel.: 224 497 346