Opening hours

Monday 10:00  -  18:00
Tuesday 10:00  -  18:00
Wednesday 10:00  -  18:00
Thursday 10:00  -  18:00
Friday 10:00  -  18:00
Saturday 10:00  -  18:00
Sunday 10:00  -  18:00

There are currently no permanent exhibitions in the Historical building of the National Museum.

Permanent exhibitions will open gradually to visitors during 2020.

It is possible to visit exhibitions stated bellow on this page, the Pantheon and its gallery, the dome and the hall with the skeleton of the whale.


Due to the limited capacity of the dome, tickets cannot be purchased in advance, but only on the day of the visit, on presentation of a valid ticket to the museum. Viewing of the cupola is allowed only after purchasing a ticket for a particular time at the museum's cash desk.

Visitors are admitted to the cupola in groups at 30 minute intervals between 10:30 and 17:30.

Due to the character of the building and its technical capacity, access to the dome is not barrier-free

Entrance fees

You can buy a ticket at the ticket office or online on this page. 



* Ticket 9 museums in 5 days, in addition to the Historical and New Building also allows entry to other buildings of the National Museum, see more here: 9 museums in 5 days. This ticket is not valid for the dome.

A ticket for a visit to the dome can be purchased only at the cash desk of the Historical and New Buildings of the National Museum on the day of a visit with a ticket to the museum. The ticket to the dome cannot be purchased separately.

Groups: 10% discount from the standard admission fee – for an organised group of 30 or more people with collective paymen (except for school groups).

Free admission: Children up to 6 years; children from children’s homes or SOS children’s villages; holders of physical disability cards (ZTP, ZTP/P and people accompanying them); ICOM, the National Museum Society; holders of the Benefit card of the European GNSS Agency – the Ministry of Transport, Prague Card.

Filming, taking photos (no flash) for noncommercial use – free with valid ticket.

The ticket must be kept for the duration of the visit.

An online ticket is valid for 30 days after its purchase. 

Exhibitions in the building

The Secret Lives of Collections

Historical Building of the National Museum
The Secret Lives of Collections is an exhibition that offers insight into the otherwise hidden workings of museum life.

Knights of heaven

Historical Building of the National Museum
Come to the Historical Building of the National Museum to commemorate the stories of bravery, honour and personal sacrifice of Czechoslovak fighters for the liberation and restoration of the Czechoslovak state, in their struggle against not only fascism.

The Velvet Revolution

Historical Building of the National Museum New Building of the National Museum
Visit the Historical and the New Building of the National Museum, where an exhibition project called the Velvet Revolution awaits you. The connecting corridor between the two buildings will also be opened for the first time!

The Velvet Revolution Exhibition: It is called Velvet

Historical Building of the National Museum
The exhibition in the Historical Building of the National Museum presents the events of the second half of the 1980s, the Velvet Revolution itself and the period until the elections of June 1990.

Moments of History

New Building of the National Museum Historical Building of the National Museum
A unique exhibition in the connecting corridor between the Historical and the New Building of the National Museum

Educational programmes for schools for current exhibitions in the building

There are currently no educational programmes for school groups.

Visit without educational programmes for school groups

It is necessary to book a visit for school groups without a lecturer using the online booking.

Tours for other groups

Guided tours for groups – see Guided tours for the public

If you need to issue an invoice for the purchase of a larger number of tickets, please contact the sales department, phone: +420 224 497 125.

Guided tour of the Pantheon of the National Museum

Come and see one of the most beautiful and celebrated halls in our country. Together we will climb a representative staircase to the Pantheon itself, show paintings and sculptures by famous Czech artists, explore the busts and statues of individual historical personalities, and remember their fates. The tour does not include a visit to the cupola.

Guided tours are provided on weekdays to groups of 10–30 people only after prior reservation (7 days in advance!) At +420 224 497 443 or by e-mail

Service fee:
In English: regular ticket price + 50 CZK (max. 30 persons)
In Czech: regular ticket price + 30 CZK (max. 30 persons)

Duration: 45 min.

Orientation plan of the New Building and the Historical Building of the National Museum

Why reconstruction?

There have not been any significant repairs made since the opening of the building. It was also damaged by two military attacks in 1945 and 1968. If we had not started with a renovation of this extraordinary building as soon as possible, there would have been a threat it would have to be closed due to security reasons. So the aim of the demanding reconstruction is to save such significant national cultural heritage and to transform it into a modern museum space.

Due to the extended space in the historical building and its connection with the new building of the National Museum, there will be almost doubled space for the exhibitions (11 300 m2). So the visitors will have the opportunity to admire many unique collection items hidden in depository today.

Disabled access

The barrier-free entrance to the Historical Building leads through the New Building entrance, the café and the connecting Passageway. Wheelchair-accessible lifts are situated on both sides of the Passageway exit in the Historical Building. There is one on-site parking space available for disabled visitors in the basement of the Historical Building, via the left side entrance from Vinohradská Street. If you are interested in parking in the Historical Building, please write in advance to

Entrance with a pram

See Disabled access.


The cloakroom is located on the ground floor and is free for visitors.


Bistro National Museum is located in the eastern hall: open daily from 10 am to 6 pm.


The museum shop is located in the eastern hall next to the café. It offers publications of the National Museum and souvenirs of ongoing exhibitions and the building itself. For children, we have temporary tattoos, pexeso sets and pencils.